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A must-have: This will take you through fall, winter, and well into spring.
Black pumps tend to be the go-to, but a neutral hue can be even more striking.
So cozy—and perfect with simple cuffed jeans and a light jacket on a crisp night.
A tie detail is a fun addition to an otherwise classic buttery suede boot.
Pair this with a belt or a blazer, layer it over leggings: This dress can be worn a million different ways.
A sexy (and incredibly wearable) take on khaki pants.
This sweater looks great dressed up with a flashy skirt and would look equally fantastic paired with trousers for work.
A bit rustic, this is one of those bags that only get better with age.
The contrast between the soft shade and the minimalist lines is so intriguing.
Unquestionably an office staple, but one that would work with cuffed sleeves on the weekends, too.
The quirky double-breasted style is a nice change of pace for the standard cardigan.
In super-soft angora, this hat is not only stylish but also so warm.
A dress that's never gone out of style—this is just endlessly flattering.