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Eva nails the not-so-easy-to-pull-off spring casual look with the perfect canvas and leather bag to go with her sundress.
A slouchy messenger style that will fit it all.
Perfectly beaten-up leather trim.
The ivory with black leather is stunning.
The perfect weekend bag that isn't too heavy to tote around.
The cutest logo satchel, done by our favorite Brits.
This will be our go-to bag this spring.
Equal parts luxe and utilitarian.
A classic tote that you'll use over and over again.
A shock of pink makes this duffel style stand out.
Super-casual and lightweight.
There's nothing hobo-ish about this gorgeous hobo bag—and it's such a great deal.
There's no shortage of handy pockets and compartments here.
The structure makes this option so sleek.
A touch of patent leather takes this tote up a notch.