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Natalie Portman
Natalie's wavy side-do (love) reveals incredibly luxe-looking, royal violet shoulder skimmers, thus kicking off our obsession with the trend.
An oversize, swishy tail brings a sense of whimsy to cool slate gray.
This is like a cool '70s treasure unearthed at a flea market.
A traditional style all done up in a decidedly non-traditional pink suede.
Great for cinching even the flowiest of summer dresses for a slightly equestrian feel.
A sexy-as-all-get-out wedge, thanks to revealing crisscross laces.
The leopard print makes this delightfully rock-and-roll.
Contrasting chevron and floral prints look a tad off in the most charming of ways.
Such an easy way to make keys look a thousand times more glam.
The curvy piping and camel color feel perfectly retro.
Delicate fringe anchored by a truly modern setting: positively stunning.
A cute little cross-body shape in durable denim—perfect for the weekend.
Seed beads take on their most luxurious form yet.
An eye-catching mash-up of colors and textures telegraphs polished, sporty appeal.
Striking scarlet offsets the laid-back bohemian vibe.