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A super-sized French press is much chicer than your average coffeepot—plus who can resist that adorable pattern of people-shaped cutouts?
The clear glass and organic shape of this turquoise-tinted vase beautifully highlights every aspect of a floral bouquet.
As practical as they are eye-catching, these multicolored bowls work as well for dinner parties as they do for breakfast.
Like the camping version of a king-size bed, this double sleeping bag is a must for any outdoorsy couple.
Ideal for post-wedding thank-you notes, this handy embosser instantly adds elegance to everything it touches.
Three seemingly simple appetizer bowls reveal a delightfully cheeky surprise when emptied.
Compact and sleek, this old-school Polaroid is perfect for documenting any honeymoon.
Totally one of those things that no one ever buys for themselves—and then can't live without once they have it.
A copious amount of magazines is easily organized by this sleekly designed floating rack.
Probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can buy—a year-round pass to MoMA for the newlyweds to enjoy at their leisure.
Not only do the crimson covers look gorgeous atop a coffee table, but the mesmerizing illustrations and inspiring photo collages inside can occupy a person for hours.
Keys, Q-tips, coins...these pristinely white porcelain pots have been designed especially for organizing a household's odds and ends.
When it's not being used as a food steamer, this bamboo basket doubles as a stylish decorative accent.
Who can resist a bicycle built for two? Such a fun way to while away weekend mornings.
This whimsical and sweet stacking tea set brews just enough for the happy couple to enjoy together.
An elegantly handblown bird-inspired carafe is such a charming way to serve wine.