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Sally Lynch, associate special sections editor
“I am heading to the beach for 10 days this Friday and I needed a larger carry-on bag to fit some of the overflow from the suitcase. I saw this bag and loved it. Not only can it pass as my personal item on the plane, but it is so big I could use it as a duffle for a weekend at the beach later this summer! The straps are soft so it doesn’t hurt when its heavy, which is a big plus.”
Rebecca Ciletti, research editor
A girl on the subway had her fingernails painted green and even though the polish was chipped, it still looked so cool. I found this version at Ricky’s—I don’t care that it’s from last summer—LOL.
Jean Godfrey-June, beauty director
Though I think crazy-colored running shoes are most definitely the hipster-man version of a Christmas sweater, I designed these on Nike ID and they came this weekend and I love them! I love them so much I put the JGJ on them even though I loathe monograms. Running in them is heaven-- they are so light you can't believe it-- they feel like socks. And I love the insanity of them, I just do.
John Jannuzzi, style collective editor
I'm still settling in to my new apartment and am searching for things to fill the walls. My hunt brought me to Partners & Spade this weekend where I found these arrows. Yes, they are totally impractical but I rationalized by telling myself I could fend off intruders with them and look great doing it. There's plenty left, so maybe I'll add to my collection.
Fiona Lennon, bookings editor
At the Rockaways this weekend I ran into my old friend and neighbor Melissa Draugsvold who sold me these beautiful Pink Agate, vintage brass filigree earrings before she headed off to her stand on Prince Street in SoHo.
Bobby Schuessler, special sections assistant
Boat shoes are my summer essential because you can either dress them up or down depending on your outfit. When I stumbled upon these, I purchased immediately to light up my feet as I strut in the city. (Yes, I strut sometimes). Did Elvis inspire this purchase with his song “Blue Suede Shoes?” Yes.
Bobby Schuessler, special sections assistant
Given my slight shoe obsession, I decided I needed a new and different take on the classic black shoe. Fortunately, I found myself in the United Nude store. These shoes are perfect because they are simple for any outfit, but have that little embellishment to make that statement for any season.
Danielle Pergament, executive editor
I was supposed to go home to take my kids to the park but then I remembered the Barney’s sale. (CPS, haul me away! I am an unfit mother!) I ran in and got these shoes without even trying them on–they’re a little gladiator, a little tough, but incredibly easy to wear and are super flattering. I’m kind of digging them with cuffed jeans and a tank. Anyway, I love my new shoes and the park was just as fun the next day.
Alison Syrett, digital editorial assistant
Oh Rachel Comey, you got me again! These amazing heels mark my fourth pair of shoes by the same designer—I think that qualifies as a collection at this point, no?