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You can never have too many simple, sturdy versions of these.
Pair these prepster standards with a modern, boxy top.
Sexy in that all-American girl-next-door kind of way.
A cool (and very useful) light scarf from the doyenne of the pink-and-green print.
A great man’s button-down, cut for the female shape.
Lessons in preppy sneaker wearing: The whiter, the better.
Coolly ’80s, thanks to the white plastic bridge.
A sporty finishing touch that’s just plain cute.
All the hallmarks of prep, from stripes to a proper monogram.
Put away the Frisbees; this is much more elegant.
Seersucker goes sultry.
The latest generation of these are newly cool.
Panama hats: The fedora’s sophisticated cousin.
The best thing about this non-greasy block is the beach scent.
You’ll always know which towel is yours when it’s covered in alligators.