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One of our favorite style icons, rocking our new favorite trend.
We loved velvet last season, and we’re keeping it around for fall.
This quirkily shaped version goes amazingly well with navy or red.
A very downtown graphic print that is as awesome as hip-hop itself.
Slouchy cool, with a compartment for every thing you could possibly need.
It’s every bit as luxe as it is laidback-cool.
Soft, squashy leather makes this look like you’ve been loving it for decades.
A great crossover bag that’ll look professional during the week, chill on the weekends.
Incredibly durable, available in a rainbow of colors, and so light you can carry an extra just in case.
The compact, stripped-down design is remarkably style-versatile.
All the glossy elegance of a luxury handbag, but much easier to carry.
We’d wear this with a silky sundress during the summer, a cozy turtleneck come fall.
The shiny brass details make this a city-sophisticated take.
This multi-colored style is our go-to summer music festival (or any festival) carry-all.
Elegant but tough, it’ll develop a glossy patina as you carry it.
We love the way it’ll swing when we walk.
A completely pared-down style warmed up with blanket details.