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Pimento Cheese

A well-curated collection of men’s and women’s American vintage clothing at a great price. — Adrian Harwood, Digital Intern

Robert Ryan

He’s an artist with super cool storefront in London. I love everything he makes. One year I gave everyone one of his tiles—my best friend redid her whole bathroom so she could incorporate it! I put mine on my fireplace mantle.... They’re such objets. And of course, his prints are gorgeous. —Jean Godfrey June, Beauty Director

Next Door to Heaven

The “remember the day” date-stamped burlap pillows have been my go-to surprise gifts to all my newly-married friends. It’s far more thoughtful than a crystal vase. —Ericka Goodman, Associate Fashion Credits Editor

The Deeps

I love this one for its vintage jewelry. —Laura Morgan, Special Projects Director

Born in Brooklyn

I spotted this designer on a corner in the Meatpacking District and fell in love with the detailing and sophistication of her leather bracelets. —Bobby Schuessler, Special Projects Assistant

Boo and Boo Factory

Seriously the coolest geometric jewelry EVER. The leather fringe earrings are particularly fantastic. —Alexandra Perron, Fashion News Contributor

Timberline Treasures

For those of us who can’t get enough Pendleton in our lives, Timberline has everything from iPad covers to pillows in the famous patterned wool. —Alexandra Perron, Fashion News Contributor

Fabulous Mess

A mecca for 60s style décor, I am now convinced that a home is not a home without a Mid-Century brass giraffe. —Alexandra Perron, Fashion News Contributor

Perla Anne

About half the framed art in my house is from this shop. Her sketches remind me of Hugo Guinness’ work, but with a more feminine touch. —Lauren Sherman, Executive Digital Editor

Fashion House Vintage

I usually can find a vintage version of my favorite runway trends here. Last year I scored the most amazing pair of ‘70s style wooden clogs that were so much better then anything I could ever buy new. —Alison Syrett, Digital Writer

Tuts and Crash

I don’t even have a bike and I still love this shop! —Margaret Williamson, Fashion Assistant