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Alexa in a vintage army jacket at The Reformation, a Lower East Side boutique run by designer Yaya Aflalo. The store features reworked and original vintage, as well as brand new styles. And everything's pretty affordable: you can find a dress for less than $200. Shop more outerwear from The Reformation here.

Trolling the aisles.

"I like how everything's kind of low-key sexy," said Alexa of the floor length polka dotted skirt made cool with a high slit up the thigh. "How sick is that? Really plain and grandma but then there's the slit." (Buy the Bowery skirt in black, $195, here.)

A satin blouse gets layered over her little boy's button up.

So cool and pretty.



Alexa models with the model. Buy the Littledoe Headstone Crystal Hat, $300, here. They're handmade in Los Angeles.

The 24 Hour Catwalk star gives her friend advice on what to buy.

"I have way too many navy jumpers. I just can't seem to get enough." This time around, she opts for tangerine. Buy the Lemona sweater, $95, here.

Alexa knows exactly what she likes.

She managed to squeeze these short leather shorts over her jeans for a quick try—don't hate her, but they looked really cute.

Next stop: Narnia, a vintage and consignment shop around the corner from Reformation that lives up to its name. It feels like stepping into a giant walk-in closet of play clothes. "I like the way there's lots of themes...Navajo seems to be the thing right now."

This fringed dress is totally something we could see Alexa wearing to an event.

"Yeehaw!" She joked. Sort of.

"This is very '30s. I like it."

And finally we headed to APC in SoHo, where the style star has shopped for years. "APC was the first store that I really got into," she said. "I can buy something here and it looks good forever. It's not trendy."

Alexa dances with the label's Resort 2012 collection. Shop it here.

We're obsessed with these ballet flats, too. Buy the style, from Porsellis, for $175 here.

Thanks for shopping with us, Alexa! We were certainly inspired.