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Doe Paoro
To call Doe Paoro introspective would be an understatement. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter is an avid meditator who often opens her shows with Tibetan prayershe even incorporated Tibetan folk opera into the songs on her 2012 album Slow to Love. Wild, free-flowing hair, dramatic eyes and bold statement jewelry define the soulful songstress' style.
What She's Packing
"I'm packing my mini microKORG, a Tibetan yak scarf, Nike Dunks, Madewell jeans, a embroidered t-shirt from Mexico and some Burt's Bees lip gloss."
What She's Packing
"This year for SXSW, I will be fully prepared. There are only a few basic things you need: a liver, M.A.C.'s red lipstick (because it stays on all night) and deodorant!"
Dessa defines herself as an emcee and spoken word artist, but her singing voice certainly deserves to be heard. The Minnesotan calls her sound “part rap show and part cabaret,” and that quirky combination makes her music a lot of fun. When it comes to style, Dessa is a bare-bones minimalist. Basic tanks and hoodies with large silver hoops and stacked silver bangles are her essentials.
What She's Packing
"Touring in a van forces you to pack light, but there are a few items I bring on every run: two men's dress shirts altered by a local tailor to be a bit more shapely, black lace-up boots, red lipstick (The Elixery developed a matte shade called 'Dessa' which I wear for almost every show), black liquid liner and Oil of Olay moisturizer—because my mom used it!"
Melinda Kirwin of The Falls
Australian imports Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown of The Falls met, fell in love, broke up, and decided to sing about it together. The folksy duo from Sidney who call themselves "barefoot collaborators" and "best friends" document their love story and eventual breakup in their debut EP Hollywood. (How's that for a civil split?) Kirwin keeps her style simple with blunt-cut bangs and loose sundresses.
What She's Packing
"I'm packing my Scout sunglasses by Kate Sylvester for all those late nights and very-early-morning starts!"
Sidney York
Sidney York is made up of band geeks, and they aren't afraid to admit it. Opera singer Brandi Sidoryk, oboist Sheryl Reinhardt and bassoonist Krista Wodelet met while playing in their high school honor band in Calgary, Canada. The trio blended their unusual musical talents and have since grown into an indie band that draws comparisons to Metric. With such a wholesome backstory, it's no surprise the band's style is very girl-next-door.
What They're Packing

Brandi: John Fluevog black ankle boots

Krista: Rag & Bone legging jeans

Sheryl: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Queen Kwong
The lead singer of Queen Kwong, Carre Kwong Callaway, was discovered by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails in her hometown of Denver at the tender age of 17. Queen Kwong's emotional and raw approach to rock brings bands like Hole, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age to mind. A true rock star with legs for days, Carre isn't afraid to get a little wild style-wise, usually opting for minidresses accessorized with bold eyes and patterned tights.
What She's Packing
 "I'll be packing Maybelline Waterproof Falsies mascara, because things will be getting sweaty"