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Moms love anything and everything Tory Burch. Trust us on this one.

For the mom with a green thumb.

Pick this up, microwave some popcorn and don't forget the box of tissues—it's going to be a delightfully teary Mother's Day.

Mom gets a taste of the nail art craze, you help support Betsey Johnson. Total win-win.

A timeless wristwatch in mother-approved tortoiseshell.

Perhaps Tom Ford's most classic eyewear silhouette, this is a pair of ultra-luxe shades she'll cherish for years.

A little frivolous? Sure—but that's what Mother's Day gifting is all about. And this little pore-clearing wonder is at the top of every beauty editor's It list.

Got a mom that's a whiz in the kitchen? Anything—seriously, anything—from Le Creuset will warm her heart. Bonus: you'll likely be thanked with homemade soups, pastas and the like.

She may mock them in public—but secretly, most moms are dying to read the books that get today's kids talking.

You're going to have the sweetest-smelling mama on the block.

Get one engraved with her first initial—or with yours.

You can never have too many photo frames—especially if you're a mother.

When in doubt, you absolutely cannot go wrong with an iPad.

Moms tend to be hesitant to upgrade their beauty regimen, so chances are yours hasn't bought herself new makeup tools in years. Why not change that?

Help Mom embrace the digital age with this too-cute phone case.