10 Gifts for the Design-Obsessed

You know them well—or, maybe you're part of this pack: This particular design tribe tends to have specific, and often exquisite taste, and quickly relegates anything not up to snuff to the Goodwill heap. Since they're always so tricky, I thought I'd round up a handful of things that are sure to please.

1. Vitsoe's Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Good Design Poster

Dieter Rams may be the most iconic—and most quoted–industrial designer around: As the head of design for Braun from the '50s through the '90s, he turned out some of the most revered home accessories (Hifis, coffee makers, calculators, stereos), of the century. While you can see his influence in everything Apple makes today, the only Dieter Rams product that's been in continual production for the past 50-odd years is his ingenious, modular shelving system for Vitsoe. If you love someone a lot, get them started with a system (prices start at $280), or pick up the more portable, 10 Principles of Good Design poster ($40), which is currently exclusively available through Ghostly. Whether you're a designer by trade, these 10 rules still apply.

You might remember Elise Loehnen from her long stint on staff at Lucky—these days, she lives in Venice, California with her husband and cats and edits the shopping site Beso.com. She also writes our Web Obsessions section in the magazine.