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Trumpet skirts are sorta the evolution of last year's peplum skirts. Plus they're way more fun to dance in.
Wedge sneakers were a really big deal last year, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But when they're the most comfy of your fashion-y shoes, why should they?
Emerald green is Pantone's top color of the 2013—and cable knits look good always.

Arm parties are a little overplayed, and we might've seen a few too many collar necklaces last year. Interesting but not in-your-face earrings seem like the best accessory to invest in.


Dropped shoulders dominated last fall's runways, so we expect to see them on tons of sidewalks next spring, too.
Doesn't everyone sort of want to dress like a Moonrise Kingdom character right now? It seems to be the collective mood among my friends.

If not, they're skewing towards a Mad Men look. Anything mid-century modern still feels really relevant.

It blends two of our favorite things from last year: Kenzo's graphic sweaters and Oscar de la Renta's fancy baseball shirt.
Holographic fabrics are even fresher than digital prints. (Though we still love a good digital print!)
My love affair with silk blouses ended once I calculated my dry cleaning bill for 2012. Machine washable, slightly-strange-in-the best-way-possible tops like this will be standbys for 2013.
Roughly the same size as last year's mega-trendy bag, the portfolio clutch, but way more ladylike—and practical—at the same time.
Colored denim can still hang out in my closet, but next year I'll be living in acid wash neutrals like these. They're what we saw all the French girls wearing during Paris fashion week, and those girls are pretty good at starting trends.
For parties, Balenciaga-inspired ruffles like these are definitely going to have a moment. Especially now that they're available at Zara prices.