Gift Guide: Instagram Fanatic

Instagrammers are a fickle bunch. It's hard to walk down the street with one of them and hold a conversation because he'll suddenly pause to artfully frame a silhouette of a water tower. Perhaps you're about to sit down to a lovely meal when the glow of her phone illuminates the table as she documents her dinner.

Maybe you're sharing the joy of the arrival of your first child when suddenly, an iPhone appears in the delivery room. Yes, at times these folks can be annoying, but I must admit when they put a certain filter (not Valencia, Valencia is dead) on a photo of me, I look fantastic. And so, as a thanks for the many filtered Facebook profile shots I have received over the past year, I'll be buying them one of these gifts.

iPhone Lenses

I actually own all of these lenses. I bought them at 2ish in the AM on a Saturday, if you catch my drift. But they provide endless photo-entertainment. My personal favorite is the macro lens—perfect for a super close-up instagram.
gift guide 2012
gift guide 2012