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An Easy, Brilliant Last-Minute Gift for a Guy

Right about now, if you haven’t bought the man in your life a gift yet, some holiday dread is probably starting to creep in on you. I understand—men can sometimes be the hardest to buy for, because often we’re too afraid (or lazy) to give you a list. Well, I’m letting you in on my little gift secret: colored shoe laces!

Your guy probably doesn’t even know he needs them yet, but once he tries them out, he’ll totally love them. Even if he has only two pairs of shoes, the easiest way to make it seem like he has 10? Switching the laces! Trust me, those black oxfords will look completely different with a splash of vibrant orange. And the best part is that laces are totally budget-friendly—you can get a cool set for under $3. Much better than splurging on a completely new pair of kicks for him.

Try this 7-pack of shoelaces from Nordstrom to give him a rainbow of options!

1901 33" SHOE LACES, $19.99, NORDSTROM.COM

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gift guide 2012
gift guide 2012