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Lucky Haul: Cable Bomb

I'd been wanting a bomber jacket for a while—maybe I'd been hanging out with Ray Siegel too much. I actually bought one from Iro last year, but ended up returning it. Once it started to get cold here in the city, my hankering came back strong. All my friends had them and it just felt so wrong not being exactly like all my friends, right? So yah, I found this Carven one on Mr. Porter and watched it anxiously for about a month. Hesitant to purchase without trying it on, I consulted my peers—who counseled me against it, even at 50% off. However, a hungover me woke up this past Sunday with an intense urge to buy something. A quick peruse of Mr. Porter showed the jacket was sold out.




My life is awful.

I have literally the worst life of anybody on planet earth and probably elsewhere.

I collected the pieces of my shattered retail dreams and proceeded on foot to Opening Ceremony. As soon as I turned the corner in the men's shop, the Carven bomber was staring me straight in the face. Taunting me like some squirrel in front of my car, screaming, "Come at me bruh." I tried it on and the entire store erupted in applause. Unfortunately because of my laziness and hesitation, I missed it at the 50% off and had to go full price which set me back quite a bit. But you know, fate is fate.