Shopping With Kelly Wearstler

Photo: Jessie Webster

Going shopping with Kelly Wearstler is like strapping yourself to a laser guided missile. She zeroes in on her kill and captures the most-wanted within seconds. Whatever she picks up suddenly becomes a) the most stylish thing you’ve ever seen; and b) something you absolutely must have to the point where you don’t know how you could have ever lived without it up until now.

At least that was my experience the other day with Wearstler as she holiday-shopped her way through her flagship store and neighboring vintage furniture stores in West Hollywood. The interior designer-cum-clothing designer had managed to eek out a few hours from her busy agenda, the highlights of which includes prepping her Fall 2013 collection (which now encompasses clothing, jewelry, home accessories, and china), a new carpet collection with The Rug Company, a wall-covering line which will debut in the spring and a major New York residential project. “I just loving doing the jewelry—it’s so fun,” says Wearstler, who not only enjoys designing it, but giving it away as gifts to girlfriends. “It is timeless and will hold a special meaning to them that they can have forever.”

Other go-to gifts: “A Kelly Wearstler stone-encrusted bottle opener, bottle stopper and bronze kaleidoscope,” she lists, matter-of-factly. While browsing around, I asked Wearstler to share her holiday plans, favorite traditions, and more. Here, she dishes on everything, plus in this slide show, shares with us some of her favorite, freshly-plucked giftables.

Lucky : Do you have any special holiday plans?
Kelly: I’m looking forward to an upcoming getaway with my husband and boys to Aspen for some much deserved chill time, snowboarding, hot yoga and sledding.

What are your favorite family holiday traditions?
Every year my boys and I create new cool gift wrap paper. We hand paint the design and come up with interesting ways to wrap each gift.

What's on your short list for the holidays?
Lots of love and something from Balenciaga!

What is the best gift you've ever given?

I love seeing people’s reactions to gifts that I’ve created from my line, such as my gold horn ring, bottle openers, my “Fallen” leather jacket and my Slither black and white sweater.

Are you a last minute shopper or do you start early?
I definitely start early and keep items in mind throughout the year for key people in my life. I love wrapping everyone’s gifts in hand-painted wallpaper sheets, which gives the gift extra love.

What are your usual holiday shopping haunts?
My flagship store and Bergdorf Goodman. I love checking out what vintage jewelry is on 1st Dibs.

Any new Kelly Wearstler products we can look forward to?
I have a wall-covering collection launching in the spring.

Best holiday memory?
My first holiday with my two boys and husband in Bangkok Thailand.

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