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Have an animal-loving cubemate? Get 'em this multifunctional desk caddy-slash-aquarium that's—get this—USB-powered. It even plays soothing nature sounds, and the tank comes with pretty gravel and a plastic fern. (The only thing missing is the fish.)
Lavender is known for its soothing power, so this relaxing, aromatic candle would be perfect to use on deadline-heavy days.
This colorblocked iPhone case is super adorable—and the cardholder makes it super functional, too.
Know someone with a green thumb? Get them this miniature desk garden. It comes ready with soil—just sprinkle in the seeds (mustard, clover, lettuce, and watercress), add water, and watch them grow.
Cold weather means dry, chapped hands, so hand lotion is a necessity. This gift package comes with three super luxurious and delicious-smelling hand creams, so your coworker can keep one in her desk drawer, one in her purse and one at home.
A luggage tag is an ideal gift for office jet-setter. The silver plate will be easy to spot on the baggage carousel, and they'll never have to use one of those flimsy paper tags ever again.
This nostalgic game is so much cooler than a boring sandbox-and-rake desk accessory. Get it for that fun-loving exec down the hall.
This sleek beverage warmer is essentially a heated coaster, which makes it a great winter gift for your coffee—or tea—obsessed officemate.
Your coworker will love snuggling up in this super soft blanket. (It's just one of those foolproof gifts, you know?)
This cool-looking, microwavable lunch box is a busy epicurean's dream. It's got a tight lid, a seperate dish and a sauce pot for salad dressing or soy sauce.
Fancy stationery will make an important coworker feel ever more important.
This sturdy wooden box comes with six seriously challenging puzzles that'll make even the biggest brain-teaser enthusiast scratch their head.