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Kate Spade's Kaleidoball Clutch Is the Hit of the Holiday Season

Every year, Kate Spade New York hosts a holiday dinner for a group of bloggers and web editors. And every year, the most memorable moment of the night comes during a game of White Elephant.

Some years, the attendants act without abandon, stealing Kate Spade gift upon Kate Spade gift from each other. (The object of the game? Each player is assigned a number. You get to choose a gift from a pile of presents when your number is called. If you like someone else's already-opened present, you can take that instead. Obviously it can get pretty nasty. Because people are selfish. And like pretty things. And want what other people have.)

This year, however, everyone was being really, really nice. Probably because everyone is really, really nice. But also because Erica Domesek, founder of DIY company P.S.- I made this..., kept talking about a mysterious hologram clutch.

Domesek won an adorable thermos and gem-shaped coasters from the label, but she was convinced there was a hologram clutch—also known as the Kaleidoball in Ombre, $248—in the mix. Despite the fact that plenty of other seriously gorgeous clutches were won (including a jewel-print Kaleidoball, snagged by Megs Mahoney Dusil from Purse Blog) everyone seemed to be holding out for this mysterious hologrammed wonder.

"I went to check out the goods at the Kate Spade store this afternoon," Domesek explained with great seriousness. "I want that hologram clutch!"

While the clutch never did appear, we were all pretty thrilled by our gifts, including goodie bags filled with leather shopper totes. But I'd be shocked if not one, but two or three, of last night's attendees ordered the Kaleidoball this morning. As Domesek said on Instagram last night, "When life hands you a @katespadeny thermos... you make a vase."

Get your Kaleidoball in Ombre for $248 at Katespade.com before it sells out.

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