10 Pieces We Want From Moda Operandi's New Boutique Section

If you're a regular Moda Operandi shopper, chances are you have no problem waiting roughly six months for the package to arrive. In fact, the certainty of knowing you'll get exactly what you want at the start of each season, before most people even get a chance to try it on at Barneys, is something you really like. What you probably don't like, though, is the gut wrenching regret that comes from waiting too long on a trunkshow and realizing your window of opportunity to stake claim on that Marc Jacobs palette dress/Olympia de la Tan Lolita clutch/ridiculously expensive thing you can't live without has passed. Later on, you'll have to hound every department store and boutique across the country (and a few overseas) to track it down in your size.

Luckily, Moda Operandi feels for you. Which is why they've launched a "boutique" section to complement the site's limited time pre-sales. In it is an assortment of popular picks from past events, all ready for same-day shipping. Not all the items are by the same designer, but it's a thoughtful mix-and-match edit that makes outfitting really simple.

The one downside to this, however, is that all the pieces have limited availability—something that was readily apparent as I browsed the selection on my lunch break. Right now, many styles are completely sold out and the ones that aren't are down several sizes. In the slideshow below, I've included 10 things I want that are still up for grabs. Click through to shop them all now...while you still can!

These are some Grade A fancy pants.