Shop It on myLucky: Pencil Skirts

I feel like I should keep my favorite pencil skirt in my suitcase instead of my closet—just lying flat against the roller board, waiting. It'd save me the trouble of packing it each and every time I travel, which I would never not do. I'd freak out without it.

That pencil skirt's my vacation wardrobe's most versatile weapon, since it looks good with so many tops: a slouchy white t-shirt, a crepe-y silk blouse, a kitschy cartoon print sweater. It's like a classic pair of jeans—except cooler, somehow. I'm obsessed. The only problem is that I sort of need another great pencil skirt, at least for variety's sake. (Or maybe so I can keep one in my suitcase and one in my closet. That'd be ideal, really.)

So good with a printed t-shirt, ankle boots and bedhead.

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