In Honor of Taylor Swift's 23rd Birthday, We Shop Her Latest Look

I don't personally know Taylor Swift, but I've always felt like we'd be good friends. Like, if she didn't have that whole writing songs, recording albums and performing concerts stuff to take care of, she'd totally bake brownies and talk about boys with me. Tonight, for her 23rd birthday, I'd give her a handmade present (because really, what can you buy a celebrity that they don't already have?), we'd put on matching red lipstick and go sing karaoke.

Judging from Twitter, the rest of her fans feel the same way. Today, since they can't wish her well in person, they've done the next best thing and made #HappyBirthdayTaylor a trending topic. I'd like to second that sentiment and celebrate the starlet by shopping her latest onstage look—a masterful mix of sequins and red. (That would actually work really well for a fun-filled evening of drunken singing. Just saying' Tay—I'm still free!) Click through the slideshow to shop it now.

While performing at Z100's Jingle Ball last week, Taylor wore some red pin-up shorts with a sparkly top and shoes. Click through to shop this look now.

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