10 Spring Items You Shouldn't Wait to Buy

I'm a decently smart shopper, but you know, not always. I definitely bought my cocktail dress for last Friday's party online on Wednesday, and paid a very silly premium for rush shipping. Oops. Still, I know a few things about getting more good stuff for less money, and out of all of them, off-season shopping is probably my favorite. It's so effective.

It's sort of boring, sure—I don't think I'm alone in considering the instant gratification factor part of the fun of shopping. (You know, the "I just bought this and will wear it for the next four days" thing, which is kind of hard to do with bright bathing suits and open-toed shoes in January.) But sometimes, when the sale's good enough, the momentary buzzkill of having to shelve things instead of slip them on is totally outweighed by the thrill of a really, really great deal. Like these things in the slideshow below—I was probably going to buy at least a few of them this spring, but why should I wait for them to get more expensive?

White Jeans

They're becoming year-round staples, but you'll get the most mileage out of them between April and August. Might as well invest in another pair while there are still steep discounts.

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