Crazy-Affordable Ski Gear

Ski wear is typically expensive, which especially sucks because you have to buy a lot of it: puffer jackets, long underwear, sweaters, goggles, hats, etc. Brands want to convince you that the stuff is costly for a reason—freshly-patented fabrics, high-tech innovations tested on Eskimos—seducing people (read: me) into thinking it's necessary to buy a $300 jacket, $45 gloves and $80 thermal long underwear bottoms unless they want to freeze, because that's just what you do. It's an expensive hobby. Deal with it.

Except, like, no. I'm going skiing next week (casual brag to make you jealous of my vacation after a vacation), and with Fashion Week coming up in February, I need to watch my budget. I don't want to blow all my holiday money on clothes I can't wear in real life. (Those trumpet skirts and wedge sneakers aren't going to buy themselves, you know?) So I'll be buying the ski wear in the slideshow below instead of making myself a mountain of debt before I hit the slopes. From brands like Smith, The North Face and Woolrich, this ski gear's certainly great quality—just pleasantly discounted. (I'll celebrate with an après ski hot toddy.)

I've read all the reviews on these mittens, and everyone's crazy about them. They're the heavy-duty kind, promising to keep you warm on really, really cold days, all for less than the price of your mid-mountain lunch.

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