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I've read all the reviews on these mittens, and everyone's crazy about them. They're the heavy-duty kind, promising to keep you warm on really, really cold days, all for less than the price of your mid-mountain lunch.
Ski pants for under $100? From The North Face? I'll take two, please.
Spending money on socks is the worst thing ever, or close to it. These discounted options from the best sock brand out there should probably be bought in bulk.
Does the job and looks adorable. (You don't even have to pay extra for the color, but I would.)
I'm always on the hunt for ski wear with bright colors and retro patterns that seem imported from 1989. They make skiing even more fun. Naturally, I love this jacket—and its price tag, too.
At that price, it's sort of hard to believe the lenses are polarized, too.
Don't let cost be a reason why you didn't buy a helmet. You NEED one. This one's decently affordable, and still has a streamlined, simple look.
The best part about this jacket is how real-life-ready it is. I'll wear it once I get back home, too, which makes it even more cost-effective.