The Best Shopping Day of The Year

You know, the Super Bowl is coming up. It's a magical day when families come together in the glow of television sets and the aroma of nachos to watch some good old football. Faces will be painted, jerseys will be worn and millions will be spent on commercials. Glorious as that may be, there's something else you should know about Super Bowl Sunday: it's the best shopping day of the year. Think about it, while most of America is at home preparing, cooking and lounging, the stores are blissfully empty.

When I had no friends or anything better to do, I'd find myself wandering around Manhattan a lot. One year, in an attempt to distract myself from the emptiness of life, I walked up and down Madison avenue. It wasn't too long before I was at Barneys New York and decided see if I could blow the last of my Christmas money. Normally before entering Barneys, I brace myself for an onslaught of designer-clothing-hoarders, trophy wives and rich brats, but this time something was different.

The floors were empty and open, store associates offered me help at every turn and I had never felt more alive. Racks of clothes sat perfectly ordered, everything was neat and untouched. Aside from the pleasant atmosphere, the Super Bowl always hits when the sales are at their deepest (rivaling even Black Friday) and when the first of spring deliveries arrive. Unfortunately I had a lapse in judgement that year and bought a sleeveless Balmain hoodie with a ton of zippers that was cool, but really impractical for the way I dress. In the end that didn't matter, I learned an important lesson. If you can spare a few hours before the game, consider hitting up your favorite stores—could be totally worth it.

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