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Button-Ups and Button-Downs at Every Size

Sometimes I have a hard time styling a plain T-shirt for work or for drinks-dinner-evening occasions. But button-front blouses? Those are easier. They just feel fancier, like what more adult people wear. Adult people take the time to use buttons!

For that reason, button-ups and button-downs—the difference, according to my extensive research (Wikipedia & scattered fashion blogs) is that button-downs have buttons on the tips of the collar to keep the collar down, button-ups don't—occupy a large section of my closet. I gravitate towards their innately polished quality on mornings when I just can't deal. I need them, and I can't really ever have enough. So to complete my open love letter, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorites on the market, in every size from 0 to 24. From office-friendly solids to more brunch-ready patterns, there should be something in there for you. (Unless you hate buttons, in which case I can't help you.)

Size 0

Nautical stripes always look good.

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