Great Gear That'll Make You Healthier in the New Year

One of the most important lessons I learned as an illustration major in college is that an artist is only as good as his or her supplies—meaning that starting a new project without the best possible tools put me at an instant disadvantage. So even when the trade-off was pre-paid cafeteria dinners for a week (gag), I saved up for fancy sable brushes and highly pigmented paints. The investment always showed in my work.

Since I graduated and began my writing career, I've stopped my regular Dick Blick splurges—but not the habit of spending money on my goals. Right now, I'm focusing my funds on great gear to start 2013 off right. In the slideshow below, I've included 11 things guaranteed to make this upcoming year a healthy one.

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Manduka is to yoga mats what Cire Trudon is to candles, Porshe is to cars and Hermès is to scarves. (And, uh, everything else.) This super-cushy model never rolls up mid-sun salutation or slips under sweaty palms. And although the hefty roll comes with an equally substantial price tag, it'll eventually pay for itself since you won't be renting a mat in class anymore. (Bonus: This is also great for all sorts of ab exercises—the extra padding prevents tailbone pain.)