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Manduka is to yoga mats what Cire Trudon is to candles, Porshe is to cars and Hermès is to scarves. (And, uh, everything else.) This super-cushy model never rolls up mid-sun salutation or slips under sweaty palms. And although the hefty roll comes with an equally substantial price tag, it'll eventually pay for itself since you won't be renting a mat in class anymore. (Bonus: This is also great for all sorts of ab exercises—the extra padding prevents tailbone pain.)
I've been addicted to Mizuno sneakers since I ran cross country in high school. Then, I burned through them so fast that my mother would actually buy multiple pairs at once when my favorite style went on sale. Since my workouts have migrated from muddy trails to treadmills, however, I usually get a new model every six to 12 months. These are my favorite right now, because they are super light on my feet and people are always complementing the color—sometimes even mid-workout!
If thinking about what you're going to eat after your run/strength training/yoga practice/swim/hike is the only thing that gets you through, then you need to invest in some KIND bars. These delicious treats are fantasy-worthy AND good for you.
Sometimes the hardest part of running outside isn't the physical workout, but figuring out where to stash your iPhone, key and post-jog smoothie money. This fanny pack holds all three, without riding up or annoyingly jangling when you move.
This bra has built-in pulse measuring sensors to clip your heart rate monitor to, making your outfit more streamlined and secure. Because seriously, the last thing you need during a second set of reps is a sweaty chest band slipping down your torso.
Resist the urge to buy a spendy evening clutch instead of a new fitness bag and just get this. The duffel fits inside an adorable gold leather envelope, making for the perfect office-to-gym-to-drinks combo.
When I discovered these in a Paris pharmacy, little did I know that I'd found the best makeup wipes EVER. One tissue completely clears my face of everything—including heavy mascara!—in less then a minute. I keep them in my gym bag for before and after workouts and you should, too.
I'm not sure if there's any gear out there that will get me completely and 100 percent excited for a 6 am sweat session. That said, these come pretty damn close.
It's tough to balance 2013 fitness resolutions with pressing office obligations. This core-strengthening chair helps with that.
Bluetooth technology allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your smartphone/tablet/gaming device without cumbersome wires getting in the way. Also, no readjusting required: The earband is specially designed to stay firmly in place during vigorous exercise.
Especially during cardio workouts, cooling moisture-wicking socks will make all the difference. Trust me: ribbed cotton Hanes and suicide sprints just don't mix.