Make Room for Fashion: Accessories That Pop

I think I’m in trouble. It’s only January, and I’m already bored with my winter wardrobe. I’ve done what I always seem to do at this time of year—worn my favorite three sweaters and jeans so much that I can’t even look at them anymore—and everything else in my closet is beginning to look like one big grey-black blur. I’m dreaming of spring but it’s months away, and if I’m to make it through winter, I simply must find a way to liven up my dull-looking winter outfits.

Today, as I wrapped up to face the cold weather and run errands with my son and my husband, I put on my navy jacket, black hat and grey scarf as I usually do. Next, I helped my son put on his jacket (royal blue), his gloves (multi-colored stripes) and his shoes (red sneakers)—and it occurred to me that I could learn a thing or two if I took some style advice from my three-year-old.

Inspired, I swapped my black cross-body bag for a red satchel, my black gloves for my green ones and my grey scarf for a pastel striped cashmere. A final check in the mirror confirmed that by adding a few splashes of color, I’d transformed my outfit entirely.
Seriously, adding color to a cold-weather wardrobe can work wonders in fighting off the winter blues. Start by thinking about the outermost elements of your outfit. A colorful handbag will stand out against a plain black or grey winter coat, brightly-colored sunglasses will add dimension to wintery, pale skin, and bright gloves in red, green or blue look so much more interesting than boring black ones.

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It may be dipping into the teens this week in New York—but most days, thankfully, we'll still get our fair share of sunshine. Luckily for us, that means another opportunity to accessorize. I adore these red Mande sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. They are also pretty fabulous in teal.

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