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It may be dipping into the teens this week in New York—but most days, thankfully, we'll still get our fair share of sunshine. Luckily for us, that means another opportunity to accessorize. I adore these red Mande sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. They are also pretty fabulous in teal.
You may be bundled up in a dark-colored coat and hat, but your handbag is the outermost part of your outfit and the perfect opportunity to add a dash of color to your look. Why settle for black when you could be showing off this gorgeous blue satchel by Givenchy.
Though we may only see six inches of snow or so, red opaque tights with knee-high boots and a black dress would add instant glam to an otherwise monochromatic look.
Lighten up with a lightweight vest—perfect for layering under a coat for extra warmth without the bulk. The high collar will show above your coat, so go for bright yellow, purple, baby blue or lime green. 
I have some bright green leather gloves that I wear daily in winter months and they just make me feel a little cheerier than my boring black ones. Try these blue leather cashmere-lined gloves and see if they have the same effect.
Take a page from your kiddies' style manual and opt for some super-fun mittens like these by Kate Spade.