Make Room for Fashion: Workout Wear for Moms

The hot topic at the beginning of each new year is diet and exercise. I hear all the noise—but this year, I didn’t make any of those false promises to eat 600 calories a day or hit the gym eight times a week. Instead, my New Year’s resolutions revolved around my parenting skills: no TV during dinner, no giving in to tantrums, resurrecting the sticker chart for good behavior, etc. But even without the overly ambitious diet and exercise resolutions, my inbox is getting inundated with promotions for detox cleanses, cheap gym memberships and exercise retreats. So in the end I can’t help but think about when I’ll be hitting the gym next and—more importantly—what I’ll be wearing.

For me, that almost always means Lululemon. I became a convert after I had my son. Previously, I could throw on any old sports bra, tank top and sweats and burn up some calories—but I soon realized that (duh!) when you have a kid, things change, and so did my workout wear needs. Suddenly extra-supportive sports bras became my best friend, versatile items like leggings that wick away sweat but still look good with boots became essential, and tops that both flatter at yoga class and look cute under a leather jacket for lunch scored me time when I had none to spare. Pieces that work double-time both in and out of the gym, I soon realized, were the ones worth paying for.

Fortunately, Lululemon’s not the only line that has mastered the art of style and functionality in one. OmGirl Yoga has a legging with a built-in skirt for extra booty coverage when you’re not in Downward Facing Dog, and Tanya-b has a no-muffin-top legging in hues as hot as my favorite colored jeans. Click through for workout wear that gets the job done.

The name says it all. I’m just sayin’...if you’re breastfeeding, your ta-tas probably need some taming.

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