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Most girls I know would appreciate anything from the "fashion" section of 20 x 200, but there are plenty of good places to look—try typing some of her interests into Etsy and adding "print" or "photo" to it. If you pick something that speaks to her personality and likes, she'll love it.
A girl's either a datebook type or not—you'll know either way. If she is, try upgrading her current one or getting her the one she never got around to buying last month. It's more unexpected than, say, the stock graduation gift of a wallet, but she'll still use it all the time and think of you a lot.
Weekend Bag
It's practical, but it's also a lay-up for promises of weekend getaways. (Plus, sometimes you date a bag lady who would rather buy more clothes than invest in an adult bag to put them in. She'll be so grateful to not have to bring six exploding canvas totes on the train anymore. Not that I'd know.)
Not Jewelry But Almost
Boot clips, nice hair clips or, my favorite, these shoe taps—sometimes you don't want to give a girl jewelry because it feels cliche, but you still want something sentimental. These do the trick. They're super, super sweet, but very discreet, unlike a "look what my boyfriend bought me!" new necklace.
Home Stuff
I know a bunch of girls who would be really excited if the guys in their life went this route. It shows he understands your taste—and unlike clothes, there's no concern about fit or MacGyver-like research to get her sizes.
It's kind of like the weekend bag thing. Lots of girls I know want the kind of fancy blankets we see draped across couches in drool-worthy homes on Pinterest, but we'd hesitate to buy them for ourselves. That's why they make awesome gifts.
Jewelry Box
Jewelry might be too aggressive of a step, or maybe it's just too cliché for Valentine's Day. Give her a jewelry box instead. This travel one's a godsend for keeping go-to pieces tangle-free during weekend trips, weddings and vacations, and something about it just feels so girly and glamorous.
Lingerie's an eye-roll-worthy gift, but luxe sleepwear is a much fresher idea. Whether it's adorable and menswear-inspired or more feminine and silky (but not, like, a teddy) she'll appreciate having something to crash in that isn't an old college t-shirt and broken elastic boxers.