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Size 0

Narrow tailoring and a dainty pattern is ideal for super-slender gals.

Size 2

Lean legs look even longer in pastel stovepipes.

Size 4
Which will get more compliments: the curve-creating cut or too-cute cats?
Size 6
Elegant draping and a sleek tapered leg is a shape that can't go wrong.
Size 8

Deconstructed into a deco-ish print, horizontal stripes are actually quite slimming.

Size 10
Flatters like basic black trousers, but looks way cooler.
Size 12
Fuller frames should invest in delicate motifs, like these teeny polka dots.
Size 14
Vertical scribbles are a sneaky way to look taller.
Size 16
All those diamond chains have a lengthening effect.
Size 18
Like tweed, minus the bulky fabric.
Size 20
So statuesque with stilettos.
Size 22
Your favorite jean fit meets crazy-fun florals.
Size 24
Boosts confidence better than an LBD.