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Size 0
A little Laura Ingalls Wilder, but in the coolest way.
Size 2
Because you own enough solid tops.
Size 4
Like white jeans in winter, just fancier.
Size 6
Those burly designers sure can drape a dress, huh?
Size 8
When skirts and track pants have babies.
Size 10
Tribal-preppy exsists! Who knew?
Size 12
Another LBD is never a bad thing. (Especially when said LBD has a sexy sheer illusion neckline.)
Size 14

Reason #1 to start planning that vacation today.

Size 16
For grown-up toga parties of the non-sheet-and-beer-keg variety.
Size 18
The Middleton sisters would fight over this. (In a very classy, royal way, obviously.)
Size 20
Less than the price of two really swanky cocktails plus tip. (Or, you know, several cheap beers and some peanuts.)
Size 22
Bad moods don't happen in bright pink tops.
Size 24
Your black jacket's wild curfew-breaking cousin.