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Shower Radio
It sounds a little 1999, but it really does make the pre-work morning routine so much more pleasant. Being able to switch the song (or news, or traffic report) while standing under the showerhead is a pretty great capability. Can't do that with the Jambox or iPod dock sitting all the way over on the bathroom shelf.
Toy Drone
This mini helicopter will tap into the inner eight-year-old in your boyfriend/husband/etc. Even I think it's fun to mess around with, thanks to a camera that lets you watch its flight view from your iPhone screen. (And unlike video games, you can actually lure him outside with it too. Woo!)
Sports Stuff
You don't have to get him all new skis or anything major, but even just a small gesture towards his favorite hobby or sport should be much appreciated.
Custom Headphones
Match the colors to his sports team, or just choose his favorite ones–either way, he'll love these if he's still using those uncomfortable white earbuds. These have way better sound quality, and they look much cooler than the sorta-nerdy noise-cancelling Bose ones, too.
Alcohol Paraphanelia
If you have the kind of significant other that appreciates this, you know it. Embrace it. And maybe fill them with his drink of choice (single malt whiskey, flavored vodka, Skinny Girl margarita, judging).
Mini Action Sports Camera
If he's an adrenaline junkie, let him document it. He'll want proof of that mountain bike/skydive/double-black mogul ski run, but he might never want to splurge on this gadget himself. Do it for him. And maybe give him a helmet, too.
A Cooler
It's weird, right? I know. But it makes sense for such a variety of guys, from the sporty type who needs it for a day of fishing to the hipster who's having a backyard dinner party and needs something to store the ice for the specialty cocktails. Whatever his style, he'll need this at some point in the warmer months.
Fancy Toys
It's so unnecessary to have lacquered, gorgeous backgammon games, poker sets, etc, but that's sort of the point. Things like this are catnip for dudes who harbor Thomas Crown man crushes, and if you're dating one, you know what I mean. He'll love it.
A Very Awesome Robe
Every guy I know who has one of these worships it. It calms the Sunday blues and means they never have to scramble to get dressed for the food delivery man. (Because they were totally watching TV in their boxers, bare chest and nothing else at 7:30 PM on a Tuesday. Whatever.)
If you pick the right band or team, he'll adore it. And his friends will think you're, like, really cool. (Added bonus: it's totally legit to get yourself a ticket too and reap the present's benefits.)