The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

Valentine's Day is meant to bring people together. Couples get romantic, friends get nostalgic and almost everybody just feels the love. Of course, a perfect Valentine's Day can be quickly ruined by a second-rate gift. For example, my father (an educated man) bought my mother a scale one year. Yes, one of those things that tells you how much you weigh, isn't that romantic? Good one, Dad.

I'm taking it upon myself to stop that from happening by sharing these terrible gift ideas. But, in the event you want to break up with somebody and can't work up the nerve, these may come in handy. Gift at your own risk.

Foot Fetish

Look, socks are a great gift! They're perfect stocking stuffers and can make a great birthday present for the right person. But for Valentine's day, try and tell the person you're not thinking of their feet. Unless they're into that, in which case, blaze that trail.