What's a Bed Jacket?

I was recently shopping in Cheap Jack’s, the vintage superstore in NYC, and noticed a great collection of bed jackets. It reminded me that although we don’t see bed jackets often, they are gorgeous accessories in the world of lingerie.

Back in a more formal era, women always bought bed jackets to go with their intimates, but they lost their popularity when modesty went out the window. They have been making a comeback recently, along with numerous other retro-inspired trends, and I think they are a stunning addition to the chemises and bra/panty sets you might already have in your wardrobe.

Unlike a longer robe, these little jackets are often open in the front, while providing just enough coverage over the arms and bust. Click through to shop a couple of versions that are available now!

Jenny Altman is a fashion editor at large and expert in intimates and fashion. As the Chic Executive Officer of, she has represented brands such as Chantelle, Spanx and Wolford. As a bra-fitter and style expert, she has consulted for websites like, hosted events for retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and worked as a market editor at Oprah, People StyleWatch and of course, Lucky. Jenny instantly "sizes up" women everywhere and is on a mission to help women find their right size—one bra at a time!

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