10 Reasons We Love J Brand Right Now

I used to hate J Brand—but not for reasons you might think. You see, the trendy boutique I worked at during this misguided time in my life (yup, the same place that got me hooked on Hanky Panky thongs) didn't carry the label, and a lot of my customers would ask for it. After patiently explaining that no, we didn't technically have that specific brand, buuuut we did just get these in a trouser fit that works well for the office and this slimming dark wash that looks great on everyone!, they'd refuse my alternative options, leaving me to sullenly tidy the denim wall, dismantled for naught. Frustrated at another commission lost, I'd puff my cheeks and curse the company under my breath.

This grudge was poised to follow me to my death bed, had I not been shopping with my boyfriend (now my husband) at Barneys CO-OP one day and shouted to him, pantless in the dressing room, for "any pair of white skinny jeans." When he proudly emerged five minutes later, a tail-wagging smile on his face as he slipped some J Brands through the curtain, I couldn't refuse. Grimacing, I slipped them on, looked in the mirror and gasped. Before me was thigh-slimming, non-stretchy, don't-have-to-get-them-tailored-even-though-I'm-five-foot-five ankle-length perfection. Infatuated, I bought the ones I was wearing, ordered another style that night and left my job. (Okay, I didn't quit because of my epiphany, but it did dovetail nicely with all my new purchases.)

Several years after our first lustful meeting, J Brand and I have settled into a committed relationship that's constantly evolving—as all good ones do. I've since invested in options that require a little more upkeep than cropped, low-rise styles (unlike the peg-leg version, shorter gals do need to hem the Love Story flare, even for heels) and it keeps churning out products, campaigns and projects that make my heart go pitter-patter.

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