Six Specialty Beauty Stores Worth an In-Store Visit

Shopping at Sephora is a lot like buying groceries—all the free samples, wide shiny aisles and, like, 15 versions of everything. Same deal with its website, which refills medicine cabinets the same way FreshDirect does fridges.

The following specialty stores, however, don't provide the same kind of homogeneous online experience. Laden with beautiful packaging and imported goodies, they are the patisseries, tea emporiums and spice stands of the beauty world—always worth the special trip. Unfortunately, most of them only have a few locations, and some only one. Click though the slideshow to plan your vacation/weekend/this evening accordingly.

Shen Beauty

Brooklyn, NY

Miranda would've been much less grumpy about moving to Brooklyn if Sex and the City had a Shen. There are enough cult products here (many, like the Amanda Lacy and Georgia Louise lines, are hard to find outside the UK) to satisfy even the pickiest Manhattanite.