Online Shopping With the Editors of

Online shopping can be daunting. That's why we turned to the editors and tastemakers from, who spend their days picking and choosing the best products out there so you don't have to. Here, they've rounded up five things that make their hearts go pitter-patter from five of their favorite websites.

Elise Loehnen, Editor-in-Chief

1. Outdoor Moroccan Rug
Now that I live in Los Angeles and spend some legitimate time outdoors, I'm kind of obsessed with making our patio feel as much like a living room as possible. Know what it needs? One of these chic Moroccan-themed outdoor rugs.

2. Fredericks & Mae Tassels
Every day, I think about pulling the trigger on one of these tassels. I want to just hang one on a nail in the baby's room. The only thing holding me back? I can't figure out which colorway is coolest!

3. Hatch Collection Twill Button-Down
Pregnancy can feel very undignified, but the really beautifully-cut pieces at Hatch make it feel slightly less so. Also, the shapes are cool enough that you can theoretically wear them through the fourth trimester—and beyond. My pick? This twill button-down, thanks to its cropped sleeves.

4. Julie Rofman Bracelet
Did you ever have one of those mini-looms on which to make beaded jewelry? I did, though I can assure you that nothing I made came even remotely close to looking like a Julie Rofman bracelet.

5. Beatrice Valenzuela Botins
Want to meet the boots you're probably going to wear every single day? Handmade from super-soft leather, Beatrice Valenzuela's shoes are the bomb. Her Chinos and Argollas are pretty rad, too.