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Elise Loehnen, Editor-in-Chief

1. Outdoor Moroccan Rug Now that I live in Los Angeles and spend some legitimate time outdoors, I'm kind of obsessed with making our patio feel as much like a living room as possible. Know what it needs? One of these chic Moroccan-themed outdoor rugs.

2. Fredericks & Mae Tassels
Every day, I think about pulling the trigger on one of these tassels. I want to just hang one on a nail in the baby's room. The only thing holding me back? I can't figure out which colorway is coolest!

3. Hatch Collection Twill Button-Down
Pregnancy can feel very undignified, but the really beautifully-cut pieces at Hatch make it feel slightly less so. Also, the shapes are cool enough that you can theoretically wear them through the fourth trimester—and beyond. My pick? This twill button-down, thanks to its cropped sleeves.

4. Julie Rofman Bracelet
Did you ever have one of those mini-looms on which to make beaded jewelry? I did, though I can assure you that nothing I made came even remotely close to looking like a Julie Rofman bracelet.

5. Beatrice Valenzuela Botins
Want to meet the boots you're probably going to wear every single day? Handmade from super-soft leather, Beatrice Valenzuela's shoes are the bomb. Her Chinos and Argollas are pretty rad, too.

Diana Ryu, Fashion Editor
1. Caleb Luke Lin Infographic Scarves Deliciously witty infographics are printed onto silk scarves in wild prints and colors. Topics range from "Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions" and "The Expanse of Empire (and a reminder of their oppression)."

2. Brendan Ravenhill Dustbin
This cheeky dustbin is as smart as they come. The steel-handled lid does double duty as a dust pan, so you don't have to store it anywhere else but where it belongs (i.e. that precious under-sink real estate).

3. Flat Vernacular Wallpaper

Hand-drawn and hand-printed wallpaper that's intricate, beautiful and entirely unique. Creators Payton and Brian will even work with customers on bespoke projects (glittery cats and glow-in-the-dark flowers included).

4. Earth Tu Face Skin Stick
Skincare line Earth Tu Face was formed by Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm—two herbalists whose plant-based, food-grade ingredients pack a potent punch. This Skin Stick is an all-purpose super-salve for face, lips and body made up of stuff that reads like a grocery list (ylang ylang, vetiver root, olive oil) to heal what ails you.

5. Urban Cartel Nesting Bowls
Pastel-colored, French porcelain nesting bowls lend instant beauty and femininity to a normally chaotic kitchen cupboard.
Kate Wolfson, Associate Fashion Editor
1. Bad Girls Through History Postcards Marie Antoinette, Bettie Page, Josephine Baker, all the usual—and not so usual (Nellie Bly!)—suspects are here. You can single-handedly bring back the art of letter-writing with these badass postcards.

2. Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters Dreamcatcher
Beci Orpin—the Australian-based designer and mom of two—is the creative genius behind her eponymous line of print-happy wares. Urban Outfitters introduced her smile-inducing aesthetic stateside in the form of a limited-edition capsule collection boasting print-on-print bedding, whimsical creature-shaped throw pillows and this pom-pom-trimmed dreamcatcher.

3. Caroline Zucchero Hurley Throws
Beach towel, table cloth, wrap dress…there are an infinite number of ways to incorporate these dreamy, Italian linen throws into your life. Each unique design is hand-printed in NYC using nontoxic ink by artist/designer Caroline Z. Hurley.     

4. Windish Michel Tights
Part artwork, part layering essential, these limited-edition tights (a collaboration between collage artist Cameron Michel and designer Vashti Windish) are kind of the best thing that's ever happened to hosiery.

5. Society Social Bar Cart
There are a multitude of unexpected ways to style a classic bar cart. This handcrafted stunner from Society Social—a mecca for everything at-home-entertaining-related—adds a touch of Deco-era decadence to any room.
Jasmin Perez, Editorial Assistant

1. Reclaimed Pine Cow Cuts Desk Caddy This ‘Cow Cuts’ desk caddy is may seem a bit eerie, but the little wood box is so beautifully crafted, who can resist loving it? It’s the perfect caddy to store kitchen tools, or even pens and paint brushes.

2. Knicks Leather Dress
Aussie label Friend of Mine has some of the hands-down sexiest silhouettes out there. This drool-worthy backless dress will have heads turning. Business in the front, party in the back!

3. Harvest Necklace
Count on finding the prettiest (and most coveted) designs for much less on Etsy. This tribal-inspired brass breastplate looks like a name-brand piece, but at a fraction of the price.

4. Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic Holographic Shoulder Bag
This bold beauty makes a statement. It would pair easily with an LBD or something bright and funky!

5. Summer Nights Blazer
Spell and the Gypsy Collective is an Aussie label with a cool-girl cult following. The designs are bohemian with a bit of edge, and this awe-inducing tie-dye blazer doesn’t disappoint. Plus, how cute are those mini seashells on the back?