So You're a D-Cup (or Bigger)? Check Out These Bras!

Some women are still embarrassed to admit they wear a D, DDD, F, or even a J cup size. But as it turns out, the average bra size today is a 36C, which means there are as many D-cup-and-larger-wearing women as there are Bs. We've all heard that “80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size," of course, but did you know that most of those wrongly-sized girls should be wearing at least an E-cup?

Get fit. Wear the right size. Feel free to never share that magic number/letter with anyone. Nobody will ever know. But wearing the right size will make you look THINNER (yes, I said thinner) than wearing the wrong one. The basic formula by fitters is to take you down a band size or two (more support, better fit) and up a cup size or two (better to hold in the girls with proper lift and separation). When your band size goes down, you thin out through the waistline and rib area.

Click through to shop some bras perfect for the larger-busted. Be proud. Wear 'em well. Us A-cup women are envious!

Jenny Altman is a fashion editor at large and expert in intimates and fashion. As the Chic Executive Officer of, she has represented brands such as Chantelle, Spanx and Wolford. As a bra-fitter and style expert, she has consulted for websites like, hosted events for retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and worked as a market editor at Oprah, People StyleWatch and of course, Lucky. Jenny instantly "sizes up" women everywhere and is on a mission to help women find their right size—one bra at a time!

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