Lucky Haul: Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots

Here's the thing: I love, love the look of tall, to-the-knee boots, and they're the absolute best footwear option for frosty weather. But at 5'10, I've always had a difficult time finding ones that actually hit my leg where they're supposed to. Most boots advertised as being "knee-high" actually stop about three-quarters of the way up my calf, sort of like the footwear equivalent of a perfect white tee that's endured one too many cycles in the washing machine. Argh.

Stuart Weitzman's iconic 5050 boot, so named for its half-leather, half-elastic design, has been a staple in many celebrities' closets for awhile now—Angelina Jolie, Olivia Palermo and Zoe Saldana all swear by them. But for some reason, I'd never considered the stretchy style as a possible solution to my too-short boot woes. But after including them in a shopping feature on this very site, I figured it might be time to try them out for myself.

From the second I slipped on the boots and discovered that they hit at the tops of my kneecaps (!), I was smitten. I wound up receiving them as an early birthday gift from my very awesome parents (thankfully, my mom happens to be a big fan of Weitzman's designs too), and they've barely left my feet since. Should you be in the market for a pair of tall—make that very tall—boots of your own, I highly recommend these bad boys.


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