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Real talk: anything from Proenza's dedicated Valentine's Day section would be a safer-than-safe gifting bet.

The Italian brand's first-ever fragrance is a delightful blend of spicy, woodsy notes—totally sexy—but the splash of rose keeps it romantic. A perfect V-Day present—especially the travel-sized version, which comes with a little Marni doll!

Crazy-luxe underthings you can customize with your name (or your significant other's)? Sure, it's a little cheesy—but that's sort of the point of Valentine's Day.
While it's generally unacceptable to gift your loved one an umbrella on any holiday, we'll make an exception here—for what just might be the world's most adorable rain shield ever.
Valentine's Day bouquets are lovely and all—but they wither and die. These babies won't.
More of a flats kind of girl? These lipstick-red stunners will be closet staples in no time.
When it comes to boxed chocolates, nothing compares to Prestat, Kate Middleton and Prince William's candy brand of choice (yes, really). We're partial to the Coconut Oasis and Earl Grey flavors.
Wear your own initial—or your boyfriend/best friend/husband/partner's.
Bra-and-panty sets are classic Valentine's Day presents—but a pretty chemise is something she's less likely to buy for herself, and therefore inherently more special.
Those delicately looped gold chains create an amazing infinity effect behind the earlobe. Suffice it to say these aren't your run-of-the-mill ruby studs.
Us girls can't resist a good R. Kelly lyric stamped into our jewelry.
A hypnotic lip print makes this iPhone case a great gift—and yes, it's also available in a version for the iPhone 4/4S, too.
This date-worthy dress is Taylor Swift-level adorable.

Hello, bedroom eyes.

It's part prim and proper string of pearls, part cutesy little pendant. We're obsessed.

A truly irresistable cocktail option for V-Day.
That bloodshot eyeball is slightly creepy, sure—but this is so much more awesome and offbeat than your usual lover's token.