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Now this is how you thank someone for a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift (paparazzi optional)!

Click through to find the perfect present for your sweetheart now.

For Fun Buddies
(AKA the more-than-just-a-friend you occasionally see for things that aren't dinner or drinks.)
Give a super-cool candle! Mood lighting and subtle fragrance really add something to those 3 am hookups.
For Relationship Honeymooners
(You've been together for less than a year, but more than six months.)
Give something cashmere! It says you're serious, just not jewelry-level serious. (Yet.)
For Crushes
(You're hoping that first date turns into a second, third and fourth.)
Give movie ticket vouchers! It's like asking them out without actually doing it.
For Roomies
(Who do other stuff besides just share the rent.)
Give magnetic poetry! Mix and match accordingly.
For the Engaged
(Or soon-to-be.)
Get fancy perfume/cologne! Choose carefully—you might be smelling it for the rest of your life.
For New Parents
(But first, hire a babysitter and go out to eat.)
Give them some time alone! Doing something awesome, of course.
For Unofficial Committed Relationships
(You don't need marriage to define love.)
Give a joke gift that's still sweet! Conventions aren't your thing, but presents are...right?
For the Empty Nesters
(This isn't your first time at the V-Day rodeo.)
Give fancy versions of practical things! It shows you know someone in a way chocolates never will. (Unless your spouse is Augustus Gloop.)