20 Pairs of Dream Pants

Shelling out for expensive clothing can be terrifying—and unlike luxury accessory shopping, it's less of a sure thing. Shoes can always be re-soled and certain handbags never go out of style, but a trendy garment comes with no other justification than it makes us feel good—a more rational argument than you'd think.

Take the following 20 pants—all gorgeous, all pricey—which have one-tenth the practicality of basic black boots and ten thousand times the allure. Buying a pair might mean giving up a month's worth of manicures and sushi dinners, but the sacrifice will pay off: these extra special trousers boost confidence, make outfits and get compliments! At least one deserves a home in your wardrobe...though if you can afford the lot, we say go for it! (And please excuse our green-eyed, drooly-mouthed jealousy.)

Click through the slideshow below to shop them all now.



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