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For highlighting really great shoes.
Cheap versions of these simply don't exist.
Begging for a Wes Anderson movie appearance.
If you're sick of red jeans but not the color.
Tap pants for demure girls.
Oh, sparkly!
Everyone will smile when they see you.
Subtler than black but still way sexy.

You can go easy with the rest of your outfit—these capris do all the work.

No, you don't have to wear the hat with them. (But we're into it if you do!)
Track pants you can wear on the job. (Or at least for drinks afterward.)

Animal prints are so much cooler in non-animal hues.

So sensual with a simple white tee.
If Catwoman went to Fashion Week.

Don't freak out when people want to touch them.

Keep things unfussy with a slouchy grey sweatshirt.
We'd visit Cape Cod just to wear these.
Go all 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 and wear them with melon and lavender.
A dressier take on the white jeans trend.
Put your money where your pants is! (Or something more grammatically correct.)