20 Dressy Shorts (At Every Price!)

Shorts conjure up visions of summer days spent eating ice cream or romping on the beach, but they've really become wardrobe staple for all seasons. Worn in winter with tights and a blazer or a button-up and statement necklace, they can look downright dressed-up and even work-appropriate (well, if you've got a job in a creative industry). And now that it's finally warming up, we can't wait to wear our shorts with bare legs. Cutoffs paired with an easy tee and flip-flops may be our weekend uniform, but we're also looking forward to wearing more formal iterations of the summertime staple.

From fringy and flapper-inspired to scallop-edged and beaded, dressy shorts are totally on-trend, not to mention surprisingly versatile. Pair them with matte tights and heels to amp up your look without sacrificing warmth. If your office dress code allows, make shorts more work-friendly by adding a tailored blazer and a modest blouse. Metallic or jacquard fabrics transition nicely from day to night (just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit more neutral to avoid shine overkill), while bold floral prints combined with a flouncy blouse and embellished sandals are just right for afternoon cocktails.

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Pair these with a neutral blouse for a casual look, or go full-on Marie Antoinette with a matching jacquard jacket.