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So cute. And you don't have to clean up after it.
Roar!, our first furry friend!
Almost as good as dressing up as your favorite superhero.
The cat's meow.
C'est chic!
The only time you'll want mice near your feet.
Day job: Fruit of the Loops star. Night Job: Your cutest clutch.
This dress looks good enough to eat!
A family of koosh balls!
Add a pop of color to your favorite LBD (and make sure everyone knows it). 
This two-toned pink bangle is as fun as dancing along to Cyndi Lauper.
Attitude to spare.
Told ya there'd be pom poms.
Let the purse do your talking!
Because moustaches will always be funny.
Say hello to your new BFF! (Better hurry before he's gone).
So punny! And perfect with pastel pants.
Girly, sweet and (just a little bit) silly.
Bowie's back. Show your support.
We love a good spoof.
So irresistible, but the price tag might make your tummy hurt.
For those of us not daring enough to try unicorn ombre hair.
Cheers to the weekend!